About the trip

We are Laura and Felix, two friends that decided to skip town and head for Europe instead of going on with our daily lives. Thought we had to see the world before settling down! This is meant as a travel log. But on the way, we might have a few things to share that are not tales of our wordly adventures but rather tips and tricks we learned or things we discovered. Hope you enjoy your reading!


lauraAge at take off: 20
Reason for touring Europe:
Graphic design, history, art, adventure, fun!
My sister got in my head that I had to travel. We first planned to go to germany and work there for a year. After a year and a half of german classes that plan was still only talk and no action. I got impatient and decided to find another travel buddy. Here comes Felix. So we decided to change the plan and travel round Europe for four months. Six months later, we’re one week away from take off and I’m as excited as ever! I feel somewhat bad to have dropped my sister but I can’t afford to leave for a year anymore, not with my career and my business.


Age at take off: 25
Reason for touring Europe: I couldn’t leave my sister alone at the other end of the world, now, could I? Of course not! So here I am! Last minute, and with nothing planed 😀 Let the adventure begin!
Story: I’ve always loved traveling and I’ve been going to a lot of different places since the beging of this year. It was only a question of time before I was heading to Europe. When Felix had to leave it turned out to be the perfect opportunity. I would have liked a bit more forward warning to have more time to save for the trip but I followed my usual beliefs that everything will eventually sort itself out and went on with the idea. Everything did sort itself out in the end and I am here now.


FelixAge at take off: 22
Reason for touring Europe:
Always wanted to travel but never had the chance; needed a break!
I was finishing my bachelor’s in psychology and had made the decision to start in September another bachelor’s, this time to become a teacher. But as time passed, I felt this need to do something other than going to school, which I had been doing forever. One night, while drinking bad beer in the pub, Laura told me this crazy idea she had for us to go away for months and see Europe. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to do something like that, but when she asked I immediately said yes, thinking this would be just the break I needed and also a wonderful adventure.