Wrap up: Romania

Wrap up: Romania

In the last days of December, I thought I would finally tell the tale of the end of my trip to Romania and the entire story of the one to Switzerland. You can also go look at the new pictures in the gallery!

Holding my breath for piano

I left you last when we came back from the roadtrip. The next day we walked around town so Yan could also see Bucharest and at night we attended a concert at the Athenaeum. Andrei Licareţ and the Arcadia quartet played Haydn, Beethoven and Schumann. It was very beautiful and something you don’t get to see everyday. Well now that I think about it, it’s about making time. But that’s the beautiful thing about vacation: you make time. The only downside was that I was getting rather sick and kept coughing. The man standing in front of me was very offended that I dared to be sick, so I tried holding my coughing back through most of the show.

I also got a chance to see my cousin one last time after the show, although very briefly. At least he got to bid me farewell.

Forgotten beauty

The next day we went to Constanta, near the sea and near the airport that would take us to Yan’s familly. It was a very hot day and also extremely humid being near the sea. We made a quick stop and I walked in the black sea which felt like a warm bath. We walked along the shore and visited the old casino. I didn’t have my camera at all with me but it’s what I regret most of all. The casino was once a masterpiece of art nouveau, opened in 1911. With grand staircases, fancy windows and every bit you could imagine coming out of a Mucha painting. Sadly the place has been deserted for a while and the birds have made it their home. The rooms are empty and the paint is peeling. The floors are dirty, the widows broken. It made me very sad that such a beauty would be forfeited. That once the casino wasn’t worth it anymore, nobody cared about the magnificent architecture enough to preserve it. A bit ironic how a piece inspired by nature was returned to it. I really hope that it will be restored some day.

We then headed to the airport, thanked my uncle for everything he did for us, bid him farewell and caught our flight to Milan, where Yan’s uncle picked us up.


Looking back, if you take out the extreme weather which is hard to remember in the midst of winter, I keep very good memories of my country. It’s weird, because I expected it to be really awful. It’s kind of sad but I’ve grown up hearing my parents complain about everything that is wrong with it. And while it’s far from perfect, it’s also very beautiful. It has a heavy past, it has influences from several different cultures, it has a gorgeous architecture, it has very kind and very bad people, it struggles but it is so far from awful.