Roman and Grandma

Roman and Grandma

Monday morning, I woke up at 4h30, took a shower and at 5h15 we left for the Northern Train Station which I hear so much about because whenever the phone rings too much at home mom says “Ie ca Gara de Nord!” or “It’s like the Northern Train Station in here!” I boarded a modern air conditioned train with about 30 kids on a school outing to the mountains. At around 9 o’clock someone got tired and asked them to shut it but before that it was simply not possible to sleep. I still managed to catch some sleep after that.

On the way the view was splendid with mountains in the distance and fields of sunflowers as far as the eye could see. Sadly I’m told it’s not very safe to take out valuables in the train so I left my camera in my luggage.

When we reached Roman I was greeted by a field of old rusting war tanks. Weird sight for someone that hasn’t actually seen war. When I hopped off the train, I found my little grandma waiting for me and after much hugging we took a taxi to her place.

Grandma’s home

When we got to her apartment I thought it looked just like a grandma’s home ought to. Warm and with lots of pictures everywhere and so many flowers on the balcony that I lost count.

Our fist activity was lunch, since the train ride was 6 hours long and I got there around lunch time but mostly because what greater pleasure could she have than feeding me? I was so full I could only take one small piece of cake by the end of it.

After a well earned nap we went out and did a bit of shopping. I found a very nice shirt for about 4$ and got one for my sister too. I also found a nice white dress but when would I wear it in Quebec with the cold weather?

Old house

Then we went to visit the spot where the old house used to be. Sadly at some point she couldn’t take care of it anymore and it was falling appart so she sold it and moved in anĀ appartement. For the longest time no one managed to get a license to build anything there but recently they caved and someone was building a big brick wall. It’s fascinating how such a big land can still exist in the middle of a city. I loved the general aspect of the city whihc was much more friendly than the capital and with more beautiful buildings than soviet housing units lining the streets.

50 years anniversary

On our way back to the appartement we stopped by the church where we celebrated my grandparents 50 years of marriage anniversary back in 98 or 99 when we went to visit. It used to be an armenian church which was bought back by the orthodox community since there were no armenians left to attend it.

Then we watched the Young and the Restless and stayed put since the weather was once more too hot to walk around.

Visiting the cemetery

The next morning we left at 8 for the cemetery while it was still relatively cool. The streets are lined with trees and cute well kept houses. It was very lovely. When we got there I was one more surprised by how many flowers and candles are lit. We stopped by the grave of both my grandpas, and lit candles for them also.

By then the clouds disappeared and the sun was once more unbearable so we hurried back home. My poor little grandma following as well as she could seeing how she told me a car hit her while she was crossing the street last saturday. People drive crazy around here. At least he can’t have been driving very fast seeing how she only has minor scrapes on her knees and chin. I just hope she recovers well and stays healthy because she didn’t feel well enough to eat with me at lunch. At 1h30 we took the taxi once more to the train station and I went back to Bucharest, wishing I could have stayed with her longer but 2 weeks is a short time to see everyone and everything I want to.

Photo time

When I got back home, my cousin Andrei got back from the beach and visited briefly. That night we also looked over all the old family pictures and I got a bit of a lesson in who is who and who’s related to whom, on my mom’s side. We also had a laughing fit when my uncle, looking at a picture of a bunch on young men in army uniform, said in a dubious voice: “This was probably during the war”. My aunt and me joked and said “Really? What makes you think it was war time?” And my uncle didn’t understand the sarcasm and kept telling us how you know they have their uniforms and that one seems to have a broken leg and they probably weren’t at a carnaval. I think we laughed with tears for a good 20 minutes and my uncle couldn’t understand why or that there was no questioning it was actually a war picture. Ah, good times!

At 1 in the morning we finally went to sleep and prepared for a day of family visits.