Road Trip across the mountains

Road Trip across the mountains

On friday morning, we left for Turda, where my aunt and uncle had a wedding to attend to. We left around 8h30 and 10 hours later we were still on our way but that is simply because we took the long way by the Curtea de Argeș and the Vidraru Dam to show them to Yan and then over the mountains.


The Transfăgărășan road goes over the highest mountain, the Făgărăș. It is an extremely curvy road and not recommended if you are motion sick like me. But the sight was worth it. We stopped near the top at a waterfall to take pictures of the valley and the paysage.

Bâlea Lake

Our next stop was the highest point, Bâlea Lake, at 2,034 m of altitude. We picnicked  on a big rock and enjoyed the sun. We soon noticed some sheep on the mountain side. How they got there is a mystery to me. From there we could also see the road down the other side of the mountain. On our way down we passed the Bâlea Waterfall and tried to keep our food down as we zig zagged through the trees.


Once we left the mountain road, we stopped in Sibiu. Sibiu is an old town that was named european culture capital in 2007. Sadly when we visited there was a rally right in the middle of the main town square. We shopped a bit on our way and ate ice cream. It was already 5 when we got there so the museum was closing but we were in a hurry to get to our hotel in Câmpia Turzii since we were all tired of the road.

Milexim Hotel

When we finally got there we were happily surprised to find a very beautiful place, full of trees and rustic decorations. We dropped our luggage and then drove off to my aunt’s sisters place where we ate, partied, and as far as I’m concerned, played with the little boy Teo for a good 3 hours.

When we finally got back to the hotel we all slept very well!