Peleș Castle

Peleș Castle

Tuesday was the last day of our roadtrip. We packed our luggage and newly acquired goods as well as we could, ate breakfast and left our 1000m of altitude Hotel for Sinaia Peleș Castle is situated.

I can honestly say I think this is the most beautiful castle I’ve seen in Europe. The contrast between the dark wood and the white walls makes it very attractive to me for one. It also has numerous wood sculptures and furnishings that are simply splendid. It was built in the 19th century and was very modern from the beginning. It has 2 elevators, electricity, hot water heating systems and some kind of air conditioning system. The rooms are all lavishly decorated and there are many secret stairways and doors. We took the romanian tour by mistake and I had to translate most of it to Yan but we still managed to enjoy it very much. Sadly we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, but we bought a dvd and will see later if it’s of good enough quality!

The Castle is situated in a big park and was constructed by king Carol I. Him and his wife, Elizabeth, had only one daughter, Maria. She died at the age of 3 so the heir became the youngest son of Carol’s brother, Ferdinand. Him and his wife lived in the Pelișor Castle, a smaller castle built in the same park. Carol’s wife, Elizabeth, sought refuge from here daughter’s death in music, arts, and literature and became a proficient artist under the nickname Carmen Sylva.

Back to Bucharest

From there, we drove back to Bucharest. There were plans to go to the countryside house and have a barbecue but sadly we forgot to bring the keys with us so the idea was dropped.

From now on, what’s left of our time in Romania, we’ll spend trying to visit family, do last minute shopping and last minute sightseeing in Bucharest. Tomorrow night we’re going to a concert at the Romanian Athenaeum and Thursday we’re going to Constanța and the sea before boarding our plane to Switzerland. 2 weeks went by so fast!