Medieval Festival and traditional music

Medieval Festival and traditional music

Sunday morning, we left the hotel and slowly started making our way back to bucharest. We would be staying in Predeal for 2 nights in order to visit the vicinity. I also ran out of battery for my camera and having forgotten my charger I had to rely on Yan to take the pictures!  On our way we stopped to picnic and met a girl with only a white shirt on. I think she thought it was a dress… believe me, it wasn’t.


Then we stopped at Sighişoara, were we caught the last day of the medieval festival. There were people in costumes, tourneys and a lot of small kiosks. We walked up the steps to the church to get a view of the city. The steps were very old and there were 2 singers and guitar players half way through adding to the medieval feeling even though Yan explained to me how far from medieval music they actually were.

After some shopping we pack our things and left since we still had quite a way to go before we reached our hotel.

The Black Chruch

When we reached Braşov, we first visited the Black Church which has this name because it burned many times. We were sadly not permitted to take pictures inside but it was very beautiful. It was a catholic church and had a massive Organ. We also found holes in a column that were marked as gun shots from the 1989 revolution.


In the main square of the city was a book fair as well as a concert of traditional music. The singers were very pretty and prettily dressed but the playback was so obvious is was kind of sad.

We ate an ice cream which made me love vanilla ice cream (it tasted more like custard than vanilla if you ask me!) and enjoyed seeing the guard walking by. We also took pictures with the big Braşov sign in the background, a bit like Hollywood’s.


Once we reached the hotel, we met up with my cousins girlfriend parents and ate and drank late in the night. Seeing how it was at the hotel we left earlier to go to sleep but the conversation seemed to go on well after midnight.