Cousins and kids

Cousins and kids

Wednesday morning, my cousin called and announced that they’d come pick us up since they needed to go shop for a new A/C remote control. I got ready as fast as I could but I was still eating breakfast when they arrived. They waited for us downstairs but Tudor, their 3 year old son, came up all alone to give me a flower. So sweet! While he was running back downstairs I took out the guitar/violin toy my mom sent him and brought it down with me. The big music fanatic he is really enjoyed but I think it’ll take some time to learn how to properly use it!

Old Apartment

My cousin insisted we stop at my parents old appartement where the videos of when we were young were filmed. Of course I don’t remember any of it but I dedicate this visit to my parents!


Then we went to the closest mall but nowhere did we find an A/C remote. Oh well, Tudor found some toy he wanted instead and we sat down to drink some lemonade while he played with his new cowboy attire.

Gifts and goodbyes

Back home we gave Tudor the little flags we got him because he’s a big fan, and all his other gifts. We talked and we gave Bujorel, the parakeet, to Andrei for the duration of our road trip. Tudor was pretty distressed to be leaving but he finally calmed down enough to manage.

More family

At 6, my cousin from the other side picked me up and drove me to the other side of the city to my dad’s brother appartement where I met with my cousin and here adorable 2 year old daughter. After a few quick bites and a very soft and delicious ice cream, my uncle came home from work and I saw for myself just how much he’s my dad’s brother.

Catalin, my cousin, came back with his girlfriend and we drove off to a terrasse called Piranha that was covered in trees and had caged birds, a koi fish pond and a few dogs. It was very beautiful but the mosquitoes made a feast of me.

We talked, we laughed, we (I) drank beer and ate Mititei which are small sausages made of minced meat and had a real good time. When we got back to the appartement sadly, my uncle had gone to sleep so I didn’t catch him in my picture. I hope to see him again before I leave, maybe tuesday or wednesday night.

Picking up Yan

Thursday was a day off. Shopping for warmer clothes since we would be heading to the mountains and I didn’t bring any thinking it would be 40°C for 3 weeks, eating the best ice cream ever (dark chocolate and wild berries) and updating the blog! At 5 we left for Constanta to pick up Yan at the airport which received only 2 planes on that day. It was probably the smallest airport I’ve ever seen, even smaller than a train station!

A sweet reunion and 2 hours later (because my uncle drove 150km/h on the highway but that’s a secret too) we arrived back in Bucharest and tried to sleep through the heat since we would be leaving at 8 the next morning.