Countryside and mountains

Countryside and mountains

Sorry for the long wait, I’ve been without internet since saturday. Friday night we drove to my uncle’s countryside house which is an old little farm. On the way we met with dozens of horse carried carts. The farms are all very close together and their land is very long rather than very large. The houses are all very different and while some are run down, most are very beautiful and decorated. I think I won’t say it enough, the architecture here is splendid. Every material used is carved or placed to form a pattern or texture. There’s nothing plain about anything here!

Farm House

When we got there, we opened the windows, took the table out, welcomed the dog, Lisa, which stays with another family when there’s no one there. Once the sun set, the heat broke a bit, since in the open there’s no concrete or asphalt. I visited the vegetable patch which desperately needed water but still managed to produce a few peppers, a few small tomatoes and some zucchinis.

In the morning I was woken by a singing rooster. Quite early too! You have to live it once in your life I guess haha.

Curtea de Argeș

In the morning we went to Curtea de Arges, where there is a very beautiful cathedral. The story is that when it was built, it would always crumble in the night and the priest had a vision from god to wall the first woman that he would see in the church. It happened that the first woman he saw was his pregnant wife. Well he still walled her there and henceforth the church stands.

The grounds were very beautiful with many flowers and there was a chapel at the back in a completely different style built in red brick and almost completely covered in leaves. The trees were also very old and very tall.

Vidraru Dam

After the cathedral, we drove all the way to the Carpathian mountains to the Vidraru Dam. It is high up in the mountains and the water is brought through tunnels to the hydroelectric power station at the bottom of the mountain. At the top of a close-by mountain is also an Iron Man holding a lighting bolt.

Lunch Break

We wanted to take a boat and tour the lake but the schedule left us very hungry so we went back to a restaurant near the power station. The food was great and tasted just like home! The heat was very bearable in the mountains so everything was perfect.

Boat Tour

We then went back to the dam and booked a smaller boat to take us around the lake. The view of the Carpathian mountains was simply fabulous and the wind was very refreshing.

Golesti Museum

On our way back we wanted to stop at a museum, but it was closing fo we put it on our list for the next day.

That night we watched old videos of when I was 2 years old, drank some beer and ate a very tasty watermelon bought on a farm.

The rest of story, I will write tomorrow, but you can have a look at the pictures already!