Geneva: Facing Winter

Geneva: Facing Winter

Our arrival in Geneva was a lot merrier than our stay in Lausanne. It wasn’t snowing and although the bus was packed we got to our host’s pretty easily. My sister knew the place since we stayed with the same person that hosted her when she came from Paris to Venice.

Quiet evening, funny realizations

That night we talked around a cup of tea and got to know Tabitha a bit better. She’s a teacher and it was funny to realize that teachers sometimes talk about their students, the way we used to talk about our teachers. You learn a bunch of interesting stuff while traveling!

Facing winter

The next morning we had to visit no matter the cold or snow. We put the boots our host lent us and went out. It really wasn’t that bad though. We were glad for the boots that kept us warm and dry although they weren’t a perfect fit.

Chez ma Cousine

We left pretty late so when we got in town it was time to eat. The guidebook and our host had recommended a nice restaurant called Chez ma Cousine so we stopped there. On the way we passed in front of a carrousel and a small christmas market. The lunch was really good, a half chicken with fries and salad. Miam

Cathedral St Peter

Our first visit was the cathedral, though we had to be very careful to go up the hill with the ice. While taking pictures outside the church we were victims to a snow fall from the roof. Quite surprising. The inside was pretty but we wanted to visit the archeological site under. The problem is they don’t accept cards and we ran out of Swiss francs and since we would be leaving the next day we didn’t want to take any out. You can only take out above 100 francs at a time over there.

Maison Tavel

We then headed to the Tavel house, the oldest residential building in Geneva. It was rather small, only 3 rooms, but held a bunch of old stuff such as armors, paintings and ceramics.


From the Tavel house and the town hall we walked down the Grand-Rue, a very old street that has seen the birth of Jean Jacques Rousseau. We didn’t get to see his house though because we think it was the building in restoration. The story of our trip really.

Musée d’art et d’histoire

Afterwards we walked to the free (thank god) museum of art and history. It was really interesting although exhausting to walk with the bags and coats through the very big museum. The problem with free museums is that most paintings were by unknown artists, although they had some know ones too. The lower levels were egyptian, greek and roman arts. I really loved the greek vases painted just like in the cartoon movie Hercules and the egyptian hieroglyph tablets.


We then walked towards the quay to see the fountain but we didn’t find it and we figured it must be turned off for winter because there is no way we can miss a water-jet of 140 meters. It was still nice to see the waterfront and the boats.

Shopping, cooking, sleeping

After the stop by the river we went to do some grocery shopping and then we went back home, in the crowded bus. We cooked some dinner and then relaxed for the night. The next day we woke up to more snowing and the trains were going crazy again. Good thing we left early!

Goodbye Switzerland, Hello again France!