Zurich: let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Zurich: let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

After a somewhat problematic train ride we arrived in Zürich and were faced with problematic tram rides. With some help from our host we managed to make our way to their place. We all had dinner together and then went out for a beer with some of their friends: two user experience designers and one industrial designer. It was a lot of fun although it was hard to hear the people speak over the loud music and noise. The way back to the flat included a short walk in the snow which was cold but felt like home.


Sunday, the shops were open for christmas shopping. We spent some time walking down the main street, Bahnhofstrasse and did some shopping of our own, enjoying the nice day and not being in a hurry. I ended up buying a pretty coat and I’m really happy! Shopping is the cure to everything.

St Peters Kirche

We diverged from the main road and into the smaller ones to find St Peters Kirche, a nice yet very different church. It had glass  chandeliers inside and looked more like a nice palace.


The next stop was the Fraumünster of which we couldn’t take pictures. It was pretty somber though with some colourful and unusual glass stained windows. The best thing was probably the river view and the square around it. We might have enjoyed it more if we’d have gotten there before but it was closing in 10 minutes so we did a very quick tour.


Across the river was the third church and a lot more impressive. There was an orchestra playing christmas carols inside and the Stained glass windows were designed by Chagal. They were very very unusual, with shapes and animals or faces rather than religious scenes.

Grossmünster tower

We went up the tower of the church to get a nice view of Zürich and we were amazed at the big and rather exhausting steps. It was worth it though because a panorama of the city is always a nice sight.

Café seeking

We then sent our mind on finding a café to warm up but we couldn’t find anything not too expensive so we ended up in a McCafé and enjoyed a rather cheap snack there (compared to other places). Switzerland is not kind with our budget!

Bienvenue chez les Chtis

That night, after another delicious dinner we watched “Bienvenue chez les Chtis” on tv. It was funny although sometimes hard to understand properly.

Late morning and mountain climbing

The next day we woke up pretty late. We had bought a ZürichCard that gave us 24h access to public transportation and museums but we figured out after that most museums were closed on mondays. So we went out around noon to be able to visit some museums the next day before leaving for Lausanne. Our first stop was the mountain of Zürich, Uetliberg. We got there with the train and came back down with the same one, because it was very windy and the snow was flying everywhere. We did enjoy the view but we were not dressed warmly enough to walk around, especially as far as the shoes were concerned.

Open museums

The rest of the afternoon as spent visiting some of the museums that were open on mondays, most of which were free and very small. The first one we saw was inside the rich University and walking around the halls in itself was a nice experience. The exhibition was on graphic drawings and prints. It had some Rembrandt ones that were very nice as well as some other reproductions of well know paintings and more. The second museum was the toy museum, which we searched for about 20 minutes before asking for directions and figuring out we were very close to it. It was very very small but it help toys that were almost 200 years old (mostly dolls and houses and trains). The last one and most interesting one was the Clock and watch museum, very appropriate for Switzerland. It held some very fascinating pocket watches, table and wall clocks as well as astronomical clocks. Too bad watches have exorbitant prices or I might have gotten one.

Running through the Kunsthaus

Tuesday morning we woke up early, packed our bags and said farewell. We left our luggage at the train station and took a tram to the Kunsthaus. We entered as it opened and practically ran through it because we had only 2 hours to see it and another one on the other side of town. We still enjoyed the Van Goghs, Dalìs, Maggrites, Giaccometis and so on. It was a small but very dense museum.

Design museum

At 11 o’clock we left to go to the Museum fur Gestaltung. There was only one exhibition going on though and it was more about industrial design and textures than graphic design. Another exhibition was opening that night but we couldn’t see it until then so we turned around and went back to the train station, a bit disappointed.

After our expensive but restful stay in Zürich we head to Lausanne for one night.