Verona: Mo's first blog!

Verona: Mo’s first blog!

Venice to Verona

We left our host in Venice and went to get some food and wait for our train. I kept wanting to go wait for the train close to the platform and Lo insisted that we had enough time. Eventually we realized at the last minute that our train had been waiting for a while and it was already completely full. Since there were no seat reservations we had to stand up in between wagons until some people got out at another station and we were able to take their seats.

Quick night visit of Verona

Once we got to Verona, Laura called our host and he came to pick us up at the train station, which was really welcome since he had a car! He then took us into Verona to show us around a little and to point out to us some things we should visit the next day. He knew a lot about the architecture and history of the city and he gave us some useful tips about the city dos and don’ts. (For example he told us there was a 300 euro fine if you were caught sitting down and eating near the main attractions of the city. They had a special picnic area available for eating purposes.)

Italian meals

We were completely exhausted from our day in Venice but his tour was still really interesting and even if we had already eaten in the train, he insisted on bringing us to a restaurant and payed for an Italian meal for us. I had ‘spaghetti on the rocks’ (which was spaghetti with oysters and lobsters) and Laura had ‘pasta with pork and mushrooms’ (I don’t remember the Italian names). We also had red wine with the meals and Sorbetto (I don’t know how it’s spelled) after the meal to help clean the mouth. It was really good but a bit weird for me since I was just picking up shells on the sea side the day before and now I was dodging them in my plate! After the meal we finally made it to his place. He let us have his room and showed us around a bit, after which he played a few songs on his guitar for us.

Visiting Verona and walking

Our host gave us a map, circled the main areas to visit and told us how to get there. We decided walking was a good idea, so we left for the city. On the way we found a super market and bought some bread, salami and cheese for lunch. Then we went to the train station to get our tickets for the next city and then we went to find a spot to eat. Once we were done, we were more or less ready for the long day ahead of us.

We started by going to all the places our host showed us the night before so we’d be able to take some pictures and enjoy them more leisurely. This is where we noticed my camera wasn’t working anymore. I was stuck with no pictures for the rest of the day and possibly for the rest of the trip. 🙁 So I had to ask my sister to take pictures of all the things I wanted a picture of.

We saw a lot of different types of architecture, from roman to gothic to neoclassicism. We also saw remnants of ancient columns and an ancient part of a cross-road from the roman empire as well as some magnificent gothic tombs. There were also some glass windows on the ground where we could get a few glimpses of the ruins of an ancient roman city they discovered under Verona.

Romeo and Juliet

We then spent a lot of time turning in circles looking for Juliet’s house, then for Romeo’s house and later on during the day, for Juliet’s tomb, but they were worth the wasted time.

Up the steps we go

After Romeo’s house and before Juliet’s tomb we decided to go to the Roman Theater which was high up on a mountain accessible through a lot of steep and less steep stairs carved of rock. The view was magnificent but I could have used an elevator… Once we reached the top it started drizzling a little and continued doing so throughout the rest of the day but it was nothing we had to worry about.

Castelvecchio and more walking

After Juliet’s tomb we went to Castelvecchio which was an impressive old castle that hosted a big museum which we didn’t visit. We walked around the ramparts and took a lot of pictures of the sculptures in the gardens instead. After we were done we had one more big attraction to visit and we decided to cross that off our list also in order to be able to relax the next day. We headed to Piazza San Zeno where we were supposed to see a church, but everything was under construction. We rested for a bit and then headed back home, which was really far from where we were. We had to stop at the supermarket we found on our way to the city to get our fill of calories in the form of candies and chocolate to be able to regain a bit of energy.

Relaxation time

Once back at the apartment, our host greeted us and played a bit of guitar again for us to help us all relax and he then headed to his Yoga classes. We cooked some pasta and then watched the first episode of The Walking Dead and some Glee episodes. We went to bed pretty late and the following day we spent simply surfing the web and staying inside to recover from all the walking we did. As I’m finishing this we’re getting ready to head for Florence, our next stop and the chapter of this adventure.