Liverpool: Of Rain, Beatles and… Beatles...

Liverpool: Of Rain, Beatles and… Beatles…

Our Monday was mostly spent sitting. On. The. Bus. FOR 9 HOURS!!! Never again! What was most infuriating about our journey from Edinburgh to Liverpool was that we had to take a total of 3 buses, and the first and last bus, on which we spent only about an hour each, were very comfortable and spacey, while the second bus, on which we spent 5h30, was SO uncomfortable. It was a relief to finally get out of the bus into the Liverpool streets, almost 10 hours after we had left our hostel that morning.

At home… well, a rainy home

Since the moment we set foot in Liverpool, we immediately liked this city. Laura said she really felt at home here. Then, when we arrived at the hostel, we got even more enthusiastic, as this was like paradise, especially when compared to the last one. Our 4-bed dorm had its own bathroom AND kitchen, AND wi-fi inside the room. Plus the whole place was decorated with Beatles posters and memorabilia. When we left for the grocery store to buy some dinner, we were hit hard by the England rain. We had been joking for a while about how we had really good karma since we hadn’t seen any rain for the first 12 days of the trip. Now we faced heavy rain and wind… when we got back to the hostel, what wasn’t covered by our rain jackets (or rain ponchos, in Laura’s case, HAHAHA) was completely soaked through. However, from Tuesday morning onwards, the weather has been great like it had been before in Ireland and Scotland.

Walker Art Gallery

On Tuesday morning, we set out walking towards the city centre. Our main goal for the day was to see as many Beatles spots as possible. On our way, we ran across this beautiful art gallery. It had a gallery room full of sculptures. I was amazed by the sight of it when we entered because everything in the room was completely white. Personal highlights include the Tinted Venus, which was a modern, colourful version of Venus, and a statue of Puck, the character from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a play I took part in in high school. For Laura and I, it was also a reference to one of the characters from our beloved show Glee, which we miss a lot. The gallery also had a style room with various objects used in English households throughout the recent centuries. It also featured of display of glass dresses that were very impressive, though I couldn’t quite figure out how a woman could actually get into them. The upstairs was consecrated to galleries of art, including some very confusing modern art. Can someone tell me the point of transforming a toilet into a musical instrument???

Matthew Street and The Cavern

On our way to the Beatles museum, we stumbled upon the street that is called “the birthplace of the Beatles”, Mathew Street contains different shrines to the Beatles, but its most famous attraction is The Cavern club. This is a club where The Beatles played an impressive 292 times, back before Beatlemania started. The first time we went there was around the beginning of the afternoon. We walked down what seemed like 3 or 4 floors down to the club, which was mostly empty at that time, save for a few other tourists. We took lots of photographs, including one of Laura on the stage, a picture she will now have no choice but to post. The Cavern club, which is actually a copy of the original, which closed in the 70’s, relies heavily on its Beatles’ and rock’n roll history, since Beatles and other famous artists who were there are plastered all over the walls. We saw that there was a free John Lennon tribute show later on, so we came back there when we were done with the other attractions. If you squinted real hard and were having a Guinness like I was, the singer looked and sounded exactly like him. I took that chance to write my name on the curved brick walls, like thousands had done before me, to prove they had actually been standing there once.

The Beatles Story

We finally ended up going to the The Beatles Story, which is pretty much the official Beatles museum. It is situated on the beautiful Albert Dock, in the Liverpool harbour. We really enjoyed visiting this place. Each room was like a remodel of a place that had significance in the band’s history. For instance, one room was the Abbey Road music studio, and another was the Star Club (!!!!!!!), a club in Hamburg where the Beatles spent months playing each night at the beginning of their career. I was really glad to get a chance to fill the gaps in their story and complete my Beatles’ knowledge. I actually got really emotional looking at all this, because my father grew up at the height of Beatlemania and was a die-hard fan. Looking at all this made me feel a connection to him I hadn’t felt in a long time and made me wish he had been there to see it all too. Our ticket to the exhibition included admittance to a 3D movie based on the museum. Since we wanted our money’s worth. Let’s just say we were a bit underwhelmed. It was basically a 10-minute dynamic animated film (seats moving and WATER SQUIRTING IN OUR FACES!!!) with no plot and Beatles songs sung by someone else.

Beatles and laundry

Since we left the wonderful show at The Cavern, we have not stopped singing Beatles songs. They’re all playing in a loop in my head and it is starting to get annoying. Unfortunately, our night ended in a very frustrating fashion. We decided to take advantage of the laundry facilities that were in our room. After our clothes had been washing for an hour and a half, we figured out maybe we hadn’t programmed the washing machine the right way. It wasn’t until a whole three and a half hours, a few trips downstairs to ask for help and a change of machines that our clothes were dry and that we could finally pack our bags for today. We have now said goodbye to Beatles city and are sitting on the train that is bringing us to Cardiff, Wales, a place we know almost nothing about. This is going to be fun! ‘Til then, xoxo.